Every stick is a unique One-of-a-Kind original.

These Hand Crafted works of art are as functional as they are beautiful, not your typical walking sticks.

With a Limited finished supply they are a must see to believe. Naturally Shaped these Quality Crafted walking sticks do go quickly.

Also custom Sculpted Artisan designs available sticks with a Flask or Sword, Wood Spirits carved and Smoking sticks & Wizard Staffs available. Have an Idea for a stick? Almost anything is possible. 

There are various wood types sourced from California, The Carolinas and Florida (no trees harmed)

They can be sized to fit and personalized for the user, there is plenty of raw stock available also to choose from and be crafted special for you or for someone as a gift.

Call to make an appointment to come & see or for a mobile showing. Typical Sizes range from 36" to 74" 

New additions are added weekly click on *Currently Aailable Sticks Page .

Call or Text Ed at 772-251-9915  

or email to: info@edswalkingsticks.com